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solar panels
solar panels
solar panels


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Solar Panel (PV)

New SolarPanels Ltd is like no other solar company in the UK. We are dedicated to providing quotes exclusively for solar products - from solar panel installations and full solar homes to domestic and commercial solar products.

Your information is only passed on to trusted Solar Panel Companies that are fully qualified and registered solar panel experts. Unlike many of our competitors, we will not pass your information to 3rd parties such as home improvement companies. We have a firm commitment to producing the best quality Solar Power installations in the UK. From the raw material for the solar panels to the level of workmanship demonstrated by our solar panel fitting companies we provide the best form start to finish.

Feel free to browse our site to find out more. If you are worried about the company fitting your solar panels check out our trade page by clicking here and see what it takes to be an approved fitting company with or check out our quality workmanship by clicking here.

The fitting companies we use to install your solar panels have great experience in both the domestic and commercial markets some having carried out work for large blue chip companies all over the UK. Each company needs to come up to the very highest of standards prior to working for us and our continuous customer satisfaction surveys mean that every job fitted keeps the standards very high click here to view our growing list of satisfied customers.

Installing solar technology is a statement about your energy saving commitment, finding contentment in the knowledge that your choices to use renewable energy will leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Most people install solar panels to insulate themselves from the current and future wave of energy price rises. The UK's North Sea gas production provides a diminishing proportion of our energy requirements, leaving the UK to rely on imported, unstable and unsustainable gas supplies.

A quality solar heating system will provide your home's annual heating or electricity requirements, reducing your energy bills and creating an income stream for the next 25 years.

Additionally solar panels and other solar products reduce your carbon footprint, your dependency on fossil fuels and your dependency on utility companies by using a free, natural, renewable resource from the sun - solar energy.

To get a quote now. Call 0141 237 4249, email us or fill out one of our contact us/ask the expert forms